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KBL Crowns The Ultimate Kenyan Entertainer

KBL Crowns The Ultimate Kenyan Entertainer

DJ Roudge was crowned the ultimate Kenyan entertainer in pulsating season finale event of the exciting inaugural season of the DJ competition; Smirnoff Battle of the Beats.

The winner received a full DJ Kit, Mac Book and a contract with a local radio station for a year.


The 12-week DJ competition that began just over two months ago, saw hundreds of DJ hopefuls audition from across the country with a final 20 DJs chosen to form the Smirnoff Battle of Beats Academy. These talented individuals battled it out week on week through tasks centred on the Smirnoff brand pillars; Music, Dance, Fashion and Art.


They were also mentored by Kenya’s top DJ’s for a period of eight weeks. While still at the Academy, the contestants got hand-on skills by performing at various occasion such as Koroga and in local radio stations, in a bid to upscale their skills.


According to the Principal Mentor, DJ Stylez, the contestant received training that cannot be equated to cash, “Under the pupilage of some of the finest Deejays in the Kenyan space including; DJ Xclusive, DJ Hypnotiq, DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Pinye, DJ Mellow, DJ PierraMakena, DJ Adrian, DJ Cremedelacreme, and DJ Suraj the contestants were guided on key facets of the industry including; Music production, Personal Imagery and Branding, financial planning, Entrepreneurial capacity building among others key competencies.”


The final showdown at the Uhuru Gardens ground saw all three finalists; Twin the DJ, DJ Roudge and Zack the Maestro showcase their skills on the decks to thousands of fans.

Speaking after the final announcement, KBL Head of Spirits AnneJoy Muhoro said that KBL was excited on the festival’s outcomes, reiterating KBL’s focus on investing in new, innovative and unique value propositions that their millennial target can consume and engage now and in future.


“We are excited about the culmination of the competition and that Smirnoff was able to present this unique opportunity for Kenyans to witness these DJs become household names. The rousing response we have received from Kenyans on the competition and Deejaying as creative art has validated our continuous efforts to provide value propositions that our consumers can resonate with,” said Muhoro.

She added, “Smirnoff Battle of the Beats has been a unique experience for Kenyans to see talented individuals develop and further strengthen the entertainment industry. It bodes well for the future of the millennial category and the country from a socio-economic stand point,” added Muhoro.


The competition was part of the larger Smirnoff Mix Experience, an ongoing cross-country sensitization campaign to educate consumers on their perfect cocktail options including the Smirnoff cocktail serve.


The millennial consumer category is a key business influence for KBL as they continue to implement consumer centric approaches and targeted investments to engage this vibrant market category so that they continue to choose KBL brands as their preferred options.