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Leaked images of Apple’s new ‘iPhone XS’

Leaked images of Apple’s new ‘iPhone XS’
  • The two premium ‘XS’ devices have 5.8 and 6.5inch screen, it is believed 
  • Lower cost version will have a 6.1inch LCD screen
  • All three models could boast a battery cell that lasts for more than a day
  • Apple Watch is expected to get a larger screen and redesigned faces 

Previous rumours have claimed Apple has rediced the bezel on the Watch, imcreasing the screen size by around 15%.

The image also shows a ‘brand new watch face capable of showing way more information than the current faces offered.’

Both the Digital Crown and side button appear modified from the current Apple Watch models as well.



A 6.5-inch iPhone, referred to internally as D33, will feature Apple’s largest screen yet, as well as new features like the ability to view content in a side-by-side view.

While it will be the biggest phone in the lineup, Apple is said to be mulling whether or not it should drop the ‘Plus’ label for the 6.5-inch device, Bloomberg noted.

The 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch models will both features improved,

Apple will try to appeal to price-sensitive consumers with a 6.1-inch model that’s most akin to the iPhone 8, aside from the addition of a bezel-less screen.

The devices are also set to have a new processor, expected to be called the Apple A12, that will significantly improve the battery life in all three models.

The next-generation chipset will have an increased number of transistors, which are tiny switches that allow electricity to pass through the processor.

Last year’s iPhone chip had a gap of 10 nanometres between each transistor, however, this year Apple is tipped to shrink that to seven nanometres.

Smaller gaps between transistors mean the chip can work more efficiently and requires less power to work, resulting in more battery life.

TSMC, the manufacturer behind Apple-branded processors, estimates its 7nm chips require around 40 per cent less power than their predecessors.

If Apple adopts the new chipset design for its new models, as analysts predict, iPhone users can expect a significant bump in battery.

Apple is also expected to include a number of battery life optimisations that will help to reduce battery drain when the phone is asleep, writes MacWorld.

However, the latest estimates are subject to a number of other details about the phone. Real-world battery life is also affected by other factors, including the number of apps, type of display, and the efficiency of cellular and Wi-Fi radios in the phone.

Elsewhere, the three new iPhone models are tipped to launch in several colours, include an aluminium (rather than stainless steel) chassis, and sport an LCD display.

Since all three models will feature an edge-to-edge display, they’ll also have the gesture-based control system used in the iPhone X, which replaces the need for a home button.

Apple’s facial recognition system ‘Face ID’ will also be included in all three devices.

Keeping with earlier rumours, Apple is expected to introduce dual SIM technology for the two larger phones in some regions, Bloomberg noted.

Including dual SIM support would allow users to switch between mobile carrier plans more easily. This feature is likely to appeal to international users who frequently travel to different countries.

Another detail that remains unclear is how Apple will brand its new smartphones.

It’s unlikely to brand the new premium phones as the iPhone XS, as this is likely to be read by consumers as ‘excess’ or ‘extra small’.

However, moving to the iPhone XI (iPhone 11) would signal a bigger aesthetic upgrade than the company might necessarily want, given that it is an ‘S year’.

The iPhone isn’t the only Apple device expected to get a facelift at this year’s event.

Apple is also expected to release an Apple Watch with a bigger screen, as well as revamped iPad Pro models that feature slimmer bezels, Bloomberg noted.

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