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Kenyan telecommunication networks to improve through MAFI East Africa Launch

Kenyan telecommunication networks to improve through MAFI East Africa Launch

MAFI East Africa has opened its warehouse in Kenya at a time when the telecommunications industry is constantly seeking ways to improve the network and connectivity.

Speaking during the event on August 8, CEO Pierre Bengtsson noted that MAFI has been providing hundreds of optimized towers to Sub Saharan Africa for the past ten years and wants to continue to be the preferred partner and supplier for the region.

“One of our main goals is to deliver faster and comprehensive solutions to customers in the region and with the expertise that the team has, Africa’s telecom and network operators will gain an even better competitive edge,” he said.

Pierre said the government is committed to the empowerment of the youth through various programs, funding, education and training, adding organizations should invest to avail more opportunities for the youth.

“MAFI East Africa realizes that the Kenyan government is making a considerable effort to ensure that the country gives its youth the opportunity to flourish as they are the future. Ensuring that they are well trained means they increase their chances of either being employed or self-employed,” he said.

 Africa Sales Director Jan Sanden  said: “MAFI East Africa has several very high quality products that will increase the quality of networks in Kenya and through the proper installations there will be increased speed of internet, a more stable network which will be beneficial to the end user.”

As a company, MAFI East Africa is committed to ensuring that it provides innovative designs and continuously build trusting relationships with its customers in the region through fast delivery, investment in new software and machinery as well as having highly skilled employees.