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Revamped Telkom Enterprise Packages

Revamped Telkom Enterprise Packages
  • Enterprise mobility – Postpaid Mobile Solutions
  • Broadband Internet – Affordable, fully managed and secure high speed connection.
  • Enterprise connectivity – This solution enables entities and individuals to share and access information on an internal secure network.
  • Fixed Voice Services – Traditional fixed-line or a Voice over IP system (VoIP) buttressed by Telkom Enterprise’ssuperior network capability that is customizable.
  • Unified Communications – integrated communication for phone, video conferencing, instant messaging and email on a single platform.
  • Managed Services – Telkom Enterprise’s managed services allows businesses to offload IT operations for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within your business.
  • Cloud Solutions –Helping businesses achieve high levels of communication, collaboration and security without heavy investment in hardware; servers, server rooms, IT expertise or maintenance