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Dpo Group Sponsors Karibu Kilifair – The Biggest Tourism Fair In East Africa

Dpo Group Sponsors Karibu Kilifair – The Biggest Tourism Fair In East Africa

DPO, the leading payment service provider in Africa, has announced its platinum sponsorship of the most significant tourism trade fair in East Africa, Karibu Kilifair, which kicks off in June in Moshi, Tanzania. The three-day networking event will be attended by over 350 exhibitors and tourism industry players from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. This is the second time that DPO is sponsoring the fair which includes seminars, workshops, arts and cultural tourism performances.

The annual business networking and community fair is a combination of two prominent events-the Karibu Fair (TATO), and KiliFair- and is expected to draw over 1,000 local and international buyers.

Speaking about the event, DPO CEO Eran Feinstein said that the event offers their merchants an opportunity to expand their client base. “This popular event presents a business networking opportunity for tourism focused industry players, a key sector that DPO group serves. Our support of the event through the platinum sponsorship is evidence of our continued commitment to developing the East African tourism and airlines industry. During the event, weplan to showcase the array of products that we offer our clients, includingDumaPay, Marketplace, Easy Advance, and Easy Payments, which are tailor-made for the merchant.”

DPO is a leader in payment solutions and serves over 35,000 merchants, a majority of whomare in the tourism, travel and airline industries.  The merchants that DPO serve include airlines, thousands of hotels, restaurants, travel agents, tour operators, and other industries.

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