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Infinix Hot 8 With The Big 5000mAh Battery

Infinix Hot 8 With The Big 5000mAh Battery

Who doesn’t want a long lasting battery? Well it sucks having to charge your phone after every few hours. Now imagine when there is no power? It becomes even more worse as you are guaranteed your phone will switch off. What if I told you your phone can withstand for 5 days without charging it again?

The new INFINIX HOT 8 is tailored to give users a taste of that, combining several unique features to keep us entertained and connected to the vast world of art, fashion, sports, music and more, like a 5000mah battery capacity – a long-lasting magic in your hands.

The enormous 5000mAh battery in the HOT 8 is capable of meeting and surpassing the day-long power requirement of any smartphone user as it is built to last for more than four days with just 3 hours of charging courtesy of the 2A fast charging technology.

I was able to use the phone for 3 days doing some heavy gaming and web browsing using mobile data.

For those who use their phones regularly, you are guaranteed with a three-day battery life. For those who don’t necessarily use their phones regularly, you are sure to go for five to seven days on just but a single charge.

Once the phone gets to low battery, you can activate the ultra power mode as usual to buy some more hours.

For instance, I accumulated two hours and 45 minutes talking on the phone while it was at six per cent. This feature is good for those who travel a lot as you are sure to be available even while still on the road and on low battery.

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