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Mettā Nairobi kicks off its Clean Energy Accelerator Program

Mettā Nairobi kicks off its Clean Energy Accelerator Program

Mettā Nairobi in Partnership with What Design Can Do (WDCD), Social Enterprise NL and IKEA Foundation has announced the launch of Clean Energy Accelerator Program.

The accelerator which starts in April and ends in July 2019, aims to give the winners the tools to make their innovation ready for market and financing.

During the program, startups will focus on developing their social business model and bringing their innovation to market by themselves. The 4-month program includes online workshops, a bootcamp in Amsterdam, expert consultancy, networking events, inspiring talks and peer to peer learning.

The Clean Energy Accelerator Program commences after 6 months of the clean energy global challenge that was hosted in 5 cities: Delhi, Mexico City, Nairobi, São Paulo and Amsterdam. The global competition which took place between September 2018 to March 2019 was a call on start-ups, designers and students from all over the world to rethink how we produce, distribute and use energy in these cities.

The global challenge received 84 projects from Nairobi that resulted in 2 startup winners. The  2 startups include: Nairobi’s Energy Food nexus  that is transforming the Energy-Food nexus through design and innovation for sustainable food systems in Nairobi across all income levels and Solar freeze, a one stop turnkey portable off-grid toolkit for localized food production containing a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies.

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