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Another Spark At A Budget!

Another Spark At A Budget!

Leading mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile has released another amazing device under their TECNO SPARKSeries.This device which is the third variation from the SPARK generationbrings the latest in the market user experience of the latest Android™ Pie™ System.

“Weare excited to announce that, this is another great smartphone; this next generation device is designed for productivity and style.With an 8MP front camera that delivers exceptional HDR portrait with night shot algorithm that lifts weak light, for the “brightest” and “clearest” selfies. The Spark series offers decent specifications at a friendly price without compromising on design.”-Jerry Hou TECNO Brand Managerstated.

The SPARK 3 comes in TWO variants, SPARK 3 PRO and SPARK 3 with a difference in storage, with SPARK 3 PRO packed with 32GB+2GB while SPARK 3 packs 16GB+2GB.

TECNO SPARK 3 PRO is currently available at TECNO Branded retail shopsat a recommended retail price of ksh 12,499 with a limited edition gift hamper. Available also on Jumia.

The TECNO SPARK 3 will be available next month from April 25th!


The new TECNO SPARK 3 PRO is available in four colors Bordeaux red, midnight black, champagne gold and Nebula blue, with the SPARK 3 coming in aqua blue.

In keeping with the tradition, TECNO Mobile believes that the SPARK 3 continues to deliver top notch specs and quality devices at affordable prices compared to competitors in the telco market. The SPARK Series is one of the bestselling devices in the country and it is hoped that with an improved spec sheet the SPARK 3 series will continue to dominate the market just as its earlier precursors had.