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Google launches faster, more affordable access to the web across Africa

Google launches faster, more affordable access to the web across Africa

Google has launched a faster, more affordable means of accessing the web. WebLite is a new development that will make it possible for web users with low Random Access Memory – RAM (storage space for running application programs) devices to get their search results faster. This means that users will now spend less on bundles and save more on time. The feature is available for internet users in Kenya and over fifty other countries across the world including Asia, Latin America and Africa.


Charles Murito, Google Kenya Country Manager said, “The new development is aimed at improving the Search experience for millions of people where network connections are slow and access to devices is limited. It is available to users via, Google App, Chrome or Android browser. He added that  Africa has nearly 40% of people with Android devices who may be experiencing slow or delayed connection while they’re on the web due to usage of low RAM devices. WebLite improves the mobile search experience by transcoding mobile search pages into lighter pages that are easier to load, encouraging web users to keep searching.


WebLite is already available in Indonesia, India, Brazil and Nigeria, and analyses show that these optimized pages load three times faster and use 80% less data. Traffic to webpages from Google Search also increased by up to 40%. However, if you’d prefer to see the original page, you can choose that option at the top of your page.


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