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New Smartphone Alert: Tecno Mobile To Launch New Family Of Devices

New Smartphone Alert: Tecno Mobile To Launch New Family Of Devices

Hey guys! hurry in here let me tell you about the latest smartphone sensation that TECNO Mobile is about to introduce into the market. First things first, little is known about the new series, exact name and specs, but we can easily guess that as with all other smartphones TECNO has released this year, the new smartphone family will come in 2 variants – ‘a regular” and ‘a Plus’

From what we have gathered, the new TECNO smartphone will be a budget smartphone with beautiful design and satisfactory features, enabling it to out-perform other devices within its market segment – a segment that seems to have a lot of competition. Riding on the success of the CAMON CX & CX Air, the new series will sure have some “extra” functionality that should help it furthermore optimize its photography performance.

Asides from insights about what market segment the device will be playing in, every other detail about the device(s) are just guesses based on current knowledge of budget smartphones and their offerings. But for what we’ve come to know the brand to be, we expect TECNO to spice up the offering on these devices, so we should be correct with most of our predictions.

This new series was rumored to have priced around 60-100 dollar…Based on our knowledges that the products fall on this price range at the present market are with: Android 6.0, 1GM RAM; 2000-4000m Ah battery; 2-4MP for front camera; so what specs will TECNO’s new series own to win over? The answer could be simple ——just be better. We would be quite disappointed if the new series come out of the box with anything below Android 7.0 (Android 6.0 is so outdated), and we’d also expect at least a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM to run apps fairly well and with big battery.

At current standing, not much specifics have been made available by TECNO, so we will just keep our ears on the ground for more developments as they unravel. It will however be interesting to see how competitive an already saturated low to mid-range end of the smartphone market will fare with this new entrant, especially as the product series will challenge existing competition to deliver a lot of value to consumers without compelling them to break the bank. Consumers who are on a budget can be assured of having an array of options to choose from.