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WS Insight Launches Safety Toolkit alongside Election Security Information Service

WS Insight Launches Safety Toolkit alongside Election Security Information Service

WS Insight, a leading Nairobi-based risk management company, has launched a set of election-specific Security Information Services designed to ensure Kenyans stay informed during the election period.

The Election Safety Toolkit, available to download for free, provides a practical guide to preparing for the elections. Subscribers to the new Election Security Information Service will receive both daily and weekly incident alerts and reports throughout the election period, offering timely analysis to ensure businesses (and individuals) are able to make informed decisions at a time when the environment is changing rapidly.

Commenting on the new election-specific services, Christopher Hockey, Head of Information at WS Insight, said, “Risk Management is about recognising any situation that restricts movement and interferes with the functions of normal daily life. This can be anything from fuel shortages to loss of utilities like water and food, not just violent situations. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the real threat in order to have a practical and relevant plan of action before, during and after elections. Our new election services are designed to provide timely, accurate and detailed reports which allow clients to better respond to unexpected situations.”

The daily incident alerts and reports will monitor any political violence, provide clients with a detailed review of election-related activity, as well as a forecast of campaign plans over the next 24 hours. On the other hand, the weekly reports remain focused on the security environment but also provide broader analysis of the week’s developments. The reports will also offer county-by-county updates on the status of disorder across Kenya.

The Election Safety Toolkit, is designed as a practical guide to give users a head-start in preparing in advance for possible security scenarios. The Toolkit can be used alongside the county threat ratings provided in the Election Security Information Service to ensure that the mitigation measures that you put in place are proportionate to the existing threat level.

Hockey further commented, “We have been getting a lot of enquiries about the elections this year, and how to stay safe. We created this Toolkit as a practical guide to assessing the risk levels, and being prepared. It’s designed to be used by anyone concerned about safety levels in the areas where they live, or are planning to travel to. The toolkit provides simple to use guidance for both individuals and organisations.”

Threat ratings are based on a ‘spectrum of disorder’ and all security situations are considered against a set of variables, including the ability to move, the extent of control maintained by civil authorities and the extent to which normal patterns of trade can continue. This information is displayed via a simple colour-coded system.

WS Insight, formerly Warrior Security, has over 10 years’ experience in risk management, allowing their clients to work in a safe environment through the provision of advisory services, risk assessments, secure journey management, and training. The company believes that all operations should be driven by an accurate understanding of the threat. The Security Information Service underlies all WS Insight’s offerings.

It is acknowledged that different users will have different levels of knowledge of their local surrounding but all can stay informed and respond appropriately if they are provided with the necessary tools. The Safety Toolkit is free (available to download via the WS Insight website). To get the most out of it, however, Insight recommends subscribing to the election security information services. That way, clients will be able to utilise the appropriate parts of the toolkit for any given situation during Kenya’s fast-moving election period.