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Attention ‘Nancy boys’: Burnouts made easier with new tech in the Mustang

Attention ‘Nancy boys’: Burnouts made easier with new tech in the Mustang

The popularity of motor sports in Kenya and the region has grown in numbers with the establishment of various Timed Trial racing events around the country. It is a new culture that is being embraced by the young and well to do.

They have been termed as attention seeking dimwits to ‘Nancy boys’ in some streets. But, if you’re a car aficionado, then this might just be for you.

The rear wheel drive has bIMG_20161006_213752een a favorite at drag racing competitions in all competitions that have already taken place. Mostly, after doing burnouts, most people have to go back to the mechanic after the weekend so as to modify their breaking systems after work.

Most people in their young age love the adrenaline rush that is brought about by high speed and loud engines not forgetting the power of a vehicle. I mean, who wouldn’t want one-day own powerful car collection that turns heads?

This is one of the reasons Ford introduced the electronic line lock system in the new Mustang. Electronic Line-Lock keeps the front brakes locked while releasing the rear brakes, letting you then apply the accelerator to spin and warm up the rear tires to enhance grip. This is where if you are a lover of burnouts you will grin hard.

You won’t have to balance one foot on the brake and the other on the gas or install a mechanical line lock. You are already sorted. It’s also easy for ladies who love being on tracks. We have seen an increase in the number of women taking part in track racing events over the decade in Kenya, which goes on to show that track events are not a man’s “thing” only.

“With electronic line-lock, customers who drive their Mustangs to work all week and then compete on the weekends will appreciate not having to modify their brake systems to be able to do effective tire prep at the drag strip,” said Kuda, brand manager and smart services leader at Ford in South Africa.

The Line Lock system is part of the Track App package. Unlike Drift Mode, Line Lock actually serves a recognizable purpose – if you intend to become a regular competitor at the different events we have. The flexibility of track apps, launch control and selectable drive modes makes it easy for Mustang drivers to get the right capabilities for any situation.

As with the aftermarket mechanical solutions that have existed since the dawn of drag racing, the system locks the front brakes while keeping the rears free, thus allowing them to spin. The resulting smoke is evidence of grip-enhancing heat, which increases traction. Ford’s innovation is the electronic Line Lock activation, and its inclusion as standard equipment on a car already available in Kenya.


The best thing about this feature is with the electronic line-lock feature enabled, when a driver releases the brake pedal, the hydraulic control unit for the stability control system will keep the front brakes locked while relea

sing the rear brakes. When the Mustang is sitting in the burnout box of a drag strip, the driver can apply the accelerator to spin up the rear wheels to warm the tires for maximum grip.

Many experienced drag racers can get the rear tires to spin by dropping the clutch hard and quickly stepping on the gas. In the past, they may have also stepped on the gas and the brakes at the same time, which allows for a more extended burnout, but also eats up your tires. Fords, ELS is slated for fifteen seconds which to some people may low depending on the level of show of you want to bring out.

But at the end of the day, remember electronic line-lock for is intended for use only on racetracks. Burnouts will also hasten the demise of your tires so you will end up incurring more losses from your pockets and of course, racing any Mustang vehicle will void your warranty.

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