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Number of Internet subscriptions In Kenya drops in recent report given by CAK

Number of Internet subscriptions In Kenya drops in recent report given by CAK

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), released Kenya’s data penetration level which has grown with a growth of 18.5 percent. However, the number of Internet subscriptions stood at 25.6 million down from 26.8 million subscriptions recorded in the previous period, April-June 2016, current period is from July to September.  This represented a decline of 4.5 percent.

This the parastatal attributes to revision of Internet subscriptions data by Telkom Kenya Limited to a regulatory requirement. Through this, Internet/data penetration level translated to 85.3 percent during the quarter, July-September. However, compared with the same period of the previous financial year, a growth of 18.5 percent was realized.

The number of mobile Internet/data subscriptions declined to 25.5 million during the quarter down from 26.7 million subscriptions recorded during the previous period. This translates to a 4.5 percent drop. Looking at the bigger picture, mobile Internet/data subscriptions contributed 99 percent of the total Internet/data subscriptions.

Safaricom Limited’s, which is the largest in the Kenyan market, share stood at 63.2 percent, Airtel Kenya Limited posted a 21.2 percent, Telkom Kenya Limited recorded a market share of 6.6 percent, Finserve Africa Limited (Equitel) reported a market share of 8.9 percent and Sema Mobile Services remained below 0.0 percent, which launched its services in the last financial year.

Satellite subscriptions registered a remarkable increase to stand at 598 subscriptions up from 280 subscriptions registered in the last quarter which is an increase of 113.6 percent. The number of fibre optic subscriptions grew by 20.7 percent to stand at 33,269 subscriptions during the period from 27,571 subscriptions recorded the previous period.


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